Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Katie has a routine when she wakes up from her nap.  

First thing she tell me is "This" and she points to her pjs.  This is her way of telling me "don't change my clothes - I want to wear this!"

Next, she gets her blankies (boppies) and baby (a bunny that my best friend gave her when she was born). 

And then... "Bubbles?"  Asking if we can go outside and do her pjs.

So we head outside and blow bubbles until Will wakes up which is usually at least an hour... or in the case of Monday, almost 2 hours!  She doesn't tire of blowing bubbles or popping them.  A bubble machine arrived today, so I cannot wait to show her that this afternoon!

watching her bubbles go up in the sky

Shopping break

She held this up to Madeline and said "Blow, Baby, Blow!"

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