Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Will is 4!

Today is Will's 4th birthday!  He was so excited this morning.  He asked "Am I really 4???"  When I told him yes, he said "Oh, I am just so excited to be 4!"  I think a lot of his friends are 4, so I think he is excited to be 4 as well.

He had been concerned about what happens to 3.  Or, as he also asked, what happens to my old number?  We told him that someone else will turn 3 when he turns 4 and they will get his number.  This was the best explanation we could come up with and it seems to work.

Here are some updates on Will, age 4.
  • What he wants to be when he grows up: A daddy with a baby.
  • Favorite food: candy and cinnamon rolls
  • Favorite TV show: Curious George
  • Will's Best Day: when he gets to celebrate his birthday at Pump It Up
  • Favorite thing about Katie: Has a friend to play with
  • Favorite thing about Mom: Snuggle time
  • Favorite thing about Dad: tickles
  • Favorite thing about school: the playground
  • Favorite toy: His new Big Wheel!  (He kept forgetting what it was called, so I told him it had a big wheel in front, and so they call it a Big Wheel.  He told me it has two little wheels in the back, so you can also call it "Two Little Wheels in the Back".)

He loves to "race" in his Big Wheel

Off to see what Age 4 has in store!

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