Tuesday, April 16, 2013

iPhone Photos

So often I forget about my iPhone pictures! Here is some of my favorites since Feb.

Will feels baby Hilton Brown (who has since arrived!)

Hiding in the fridge (I believe this is the same day Katie left her boppy in the fridge)

Waiting for her 2 year check up

Milkshakes at Smashburger!

Pony tails!

This grill doubles as a changing table

Will was so proud of this fort

Feeding the ducks

Katie enjoying a gift for Caroline White - she wasn't sure she wanted to part with it!

Feeding her baby

The fence and this outfit are still blue.  Boo for Melissa and Doug "washable" paint!

Attempting to get the blue off their bodies

Will sees his cake for the first time

Will and the amazingly talented Colleen

Party time!

Best friends

 Katie loved Pump It Up

Easter baskets

Will and Katie decorated our bunny cake this year!

Dying eggs with Chad

So often Katie looks so big, so I LOVE the picture of her sitting at the table because you can see she really is little!


Ready for summer!

Outside fort (and you can still see the "washable" blue paint and "Will" on the deck in the lower left)

Hungry Hippos!

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