Saturday, July 21, 2012

Traveling to Seaside

We made it to Seaside! 

I made our travel plans last year when Katie was 8 months old.  I didn't buy her a seat because she would only by 17 months when we traveled so she could be a lap baby.

Well, that lap baby is 27 pounds.  We flew on American Eagle.  Katie really needed her own seat!  It worked best to have her in a row with me and Will so she could play with him.  I knew she would sleep.  She didn't, but she really enjoyed the flight.  So much so that she would occassionally shriek.  Good times.

We got to our beach house around 6pm and met up with our friends the Broadbents for hot dogs and grilled cheese. 

We are really looking forward to a week at the beach!

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