Monday, July 23, 2012

Flying Home

We had a leisurely Saturday morning before heading to the airport.  Chad took the kids to the pool while I finished packing and then we headed out.  The kids slept in the car.  The drive was easy and leisurely.

We got to the airport and it had started raining some.  Because the rental car return and the AA desk are as far apart as possible, Chad and I took turns checking in before returning the car.  Chad went in, checked in and checked bags, and then Will and I went in.  As they were checking us in, Will told me that he had to pee.  We were mid-check in.  They were printing the bag tags and adding Katie to my ticket.  It took a little while.  Once we were done, we went to the bathroom.  Will went in his own stall and then he said "oh no, I just wasn't fast enough!"  Poor Will didn't get his pants down in time and there he was - all wet.  Our bags were already checked.

Luckily, our flight was delayed by an hour and since we still had our car, we headed out in search of new shorts and undies.  We got lucky again and found a Bealls Outlet within a mile of the airport.  I found Will a pair of shorts and Superman undies and we were set.  We headed to McDonalds to kill more time before our flight left at 2:20.

By 1:55 we had returned our rental car and were standing in the security line when I look up at the monitor and our flight is now leaving at 2 instead of 2:20.  We had 5 minutes!  We cut to the front of the security line thanks to many considerate people.  I left Chad will all the carry ons and the kids and I went through security and ran barefoot to our gate where they were paging us.  I'm not sure how we made the flight, but we did.  The gate workers told me we had one minute to get everyone on board.  I went back and got Will and left him on the jet bridge thinking they surely wont leave with him on there!  I then went back to help Chad with Katie and the luggage and as soon as we were all on the plane, they shut the doors and we were off.

We were out of breath but so happy to be on the plane.  Will told everyone that he held the plane for us.  He even told Loli all about it this morning.  It was a rush!  Luckily, it all worked out.

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