Saturday, July 21, 2012

Seaside Day 4

 Today was another great day in Seaside.  Hard to believe the week is coming to an end already.

The kids woke up early.  6am.  This is not normal for us.  Will and Katie are sleeping in the same room, so if one of them is up then both of them are up.  The bad news is it was 6am.  The good news is it is a great time to go to the we did!

We went back and got our suits on and headed back down for a great day in the waves.  The kids were wiped out and took great naps and then we headed into town for some grilled cheese sandwiches at the air stream trailers.  We came back and ate them on the balcony...but only after one more stop at the beach!

We had the beach completely to ourselves!

Sunrise over the obelisk

Burying her feet

One of her faces

Climbing into a beach chair

sandy baby feet

one of my favorites of Will

One of my favorites of Katie

One of my favorites of Claire

Checking out the beach

Will licked his side of the grilled cheese.  My sister did this with pizza when we were growing up.  I guess this is in the DNA!

Katie's half


Another favorite of Katie

Running down the hill together

Katie and Claire

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