Saturday, July 21, 2012

Seaside Day 1

We had a great first day in Seaside.  The kids really enjoyed the beach and Will really enjoyed the waves.  He and Chad spent most of their time in the water and Katie and I played a lot in the sand.  She was a little skeptical of all the waves - it was a bit rough today.  It is probably a tough introduction to the beach!

An added bonus to our trip is having the Broadbents here too!  We met up with them at the beach and got to play with sweet baby Claire.

We had some lunch at the pizza place in town (that we love) and then came home.  We really like our beach house.  Will loves his room (which he shared with Katie) for two reasons.  The first is that he has a poster bed and he acts like the posters are file poles and he slides down them.  Secondly, and probably a bigger highlight, is that he figured out how to open his floor to ceiling windows and climb out.  Luckily his room is on the first floor!
Beach time!

Will and his swim buddy

It is amazing how much sand she had on her!

Julia and Claire

Will's new best friend, Nick, the guy that drills holes for umbrellas

Nick let Will help him drill.  May be a trip highlight for Will.  I asked Will if he wanted to work at the beach when he was older and he assured me that no, he still wants to work at the fire house on our street.


enjoying the waves

Naptime.  Will was exhausted.

Will enjoying a grilled cheese from The Meltdown

Post dinner stroll for ice cream

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