Saturday, July 21, 2012

Seaside Day 3

Today we had another great day at the beach.  We spent so much time in the water today - it was perfectly calm.  Katie fell in love with the ocean today - after playing in the sand for a while she would bring us her floatie to go back in the water.  We spent hours in the water!

We also saw something I had never seen - crabs swimming in the water!  There is quite a bit of seaweed in the water and the crabs swim from piece to piece.  They are about 6 inches long and redish brown - it was neat to see but anyone that picked them up was pinched!

Tonight we are doing our beach pictures.  Our friends the Broadbents are here and they are sharing their session with us since ours was rained out.  We are so excited and thankful.  I just love beach portraits.

one of my favorites

Katie and Claire playing in the sand (and Katie requesting a bucket refill)


Claire is a little water baby - I think she would crawl right into the water if no one stopped her!

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