Saturday, July 21, 2012

Seaside Day 2

We had another fun day at the beach although the rain chased us away a little earlier than we wanted!  It actually rained so hard and for so long that we missed our beach photo shoot!  Hopefully it will all clear tomorrow.

This is Chad and Katie walking out to the chairs we have on the beach.  While this is the busy season, it really never feels that busy!

Today Katie really took to the water.  All four of us were in the water most of the time!  We had both of the kids in floaties which made everyone more comfortable.  Katie was even laughing today when she would get splashed by a wave.  I guess she just needed a day to warm up.

We spent the rest of the day inside, spending time with the Broadbents and playing lots of hide and go seek, hide the boppies, and doctor. 

Shoveling sand

Coming up for a break

Playing on the beach


Julia and Claire

Will taking pictures of his boppies

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