Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

 We had a fantastic 4th of July.  It has to be the best one yet since we have had kids.  In the 12 years I have lived in Dallas, I have never been in Dallas on the 4th of July... and I'm not sure I would ever want to be out of town for the holiday again!

We started our morning with the neighborhood parade.  It was awesome, and quite a few of our friends were in it - including some of Will and Katie's friends from the park that he recognized as they passed by.  He watched a lot of it from his dad's shoulders, but then he moved to the front of the crowd to catch candy and treats.  Next year we will go early and get good seats - it would be worth it!

We then headed to our neighbors for an awesome pool party.  We were there for hours - swimming and eating burgers and dawgs.  It really was perfect!  We are lucky to have neighbors that are such gracious hosts!

After the swim, the kids and I took a 3 hour nap.  I think Chad was the only one awake in our house during that time - I was wiped out!  It was such a fun day and I look forward to celebrating again next year!

The ladder truck put the ladder up for the parade festivities!  This was a total highlight for Will - who proceeded to ask a fireman if he could climb it.

the parade

Will's seat for the parade

Bounce house fun - the downside of the post-parade festivities is that every kiddo is wearing red, white or blue so it is really hard to find your kid in the crowd! 

Will getting a tour of the fire chief's car - it was actually really cool to see the white board they use when at a fire.  He showed Will where the chief draws a picture of the house, etc. 

Pool party!

Will loved jumping in with his buddies


Poolside Guacamole

Tara and Katie

Katie looks way too grown up here

Will and Maddie - Will adores her!

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