Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunday School

This is Katie on Sunday before she went to Sunday School.  Katie is an easy baby so Sunday School seemed like it would be really easy for us.  Well, last week when we picked her up, she was crying because she had seen other moms come and get their babies before her.  This Sunday she was crying because all the other babies had bottles and she didn't.  I don't even think she was hungry but I think she just wanted what the other babies had.

It's funny how much they can pick up on at just 6 months of age.  Next week I am packing some baby food for her to eat when the other babies take a bottle and we will plan to leave church a few minutes early so she isn't the last baby in the nursery. 

Will however seems to really like Sunday School.  This is huge for us since he always cried when he went to the nursery.  When we went to pick him up from his first week of Sunday School he was busy playing and didn't see us.  This week I asked him what he learned in Sunday School and he really didn't give an answer.  Later in the day he was playing and out of the blue he threw his hands up and said "amen!"  That must have been what he learned!  It will be fun to see what all he learns this year as this is his first real structured learning experience.

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