Sunday, August 21, 2011

Little Fish

 Chad has been taking Will to swim lessons all summer - every Saturday morning.  In all, he has probably been to 8 or 9 lessons and I am amazed at what a difference it has made!

First of all, Will loves his swim lessons.  We sing his swim songs all week and we talk about all the girls in his class.  He often wakes up on Sunday mornings and asks if he can go to swim lessons again but usually settles for Central Market instead. 

Chad had mentioned how great he had been doing in the water and how he just loved to jump in and swim underwater.  I have heard this for weeks, but I just took him to the pool for the first time in probably 5 weeks and WOW - I was amazed at my water baby.  He gets in and out of the pool easily, has no fear jumping in, and loves to go underwater.  He would tell me "I'm going under water!" and the he would just go under and stay for a few seconds.  He would swim underwater to the area when he would jump, and then once he jumped in, he would swim underwater to me.

We have been really pleased with Emler and Will is excited to be enrolled in the next level of class. When I told him that Chad would not be getting in the water for the class, his response was "he will be dry."  Not at all what I expected as a response, but so true!

One of the best parts about the pool - other people's toys!

Jumping in

Going under water

More under water

Watering his toes

Jumping in - with the teapot!


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