Friday, August 12, 2011

Meet Alice

I found this darling doll, Alice, for Katie online at BlaBla Kids and I had to get it for her.  Will has their Hercules the Elephant, and so I knew how soft these dolls are.  I was so happy that Katie loved this doll from the minute it arrived.  She played with it as soon as we opened the box, slept with it in her crib, and when I peeked at the monitor to see if she was awake, I saw her playing with Alice.

I loved my doll as a kid.  I mean loved.  I didn't want to open my Christmas presents until I had fed my doll Ashley.  In Christmas videos, you can see Kathleen opening presents and then there is me sitting in a little chair in my red robe feeding my baby. 

My doll Ashley got some much love that my dad had to tape her legs back on as they would fall off from so much play.  I am pretty sure she is tucked away in a box in my parents attic, so during one of my Austin visits I will have to find her.

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