Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Things I love about Will right now

Will likes to measure people's toes.  He says "I am going to measure your toes.  I'll get my measuring tape."  Then he will run (always a run) to the drawer where we keep the measuring tape, come back, "measure" your toes, and then say something like "all clean!" 

I'm not 100% sure where this came from - maybe a combination of things.  He did have his foot measured at Stride Rite, but that has been a while. 

Everything can be fixed with his screwdriver.  For example, his crocs broke and he said "I'll go get my screwdriver and fix it!"  He then usually breaks into the Bob the Builder song, a favorite at our house.

Another favorite is the ABC song.  He loves this song, but if someone else sings it, they are sure to be corrected.  In the end, the song goes "Now I know my ABC's...".  Will quickly will say "No!  They are MY ABC's."  The alphabet is not something he shares.

He has recently gotten into hiding.  His favorite hiding place is behind the sofa in Katie's room.  It is affectionately known to Will as "my hiding place."  He loves to hide there, especially if he hears someone coming when we are playing in Katie's room.  Chad or Loli will be coming down the hall and Will will say "Daddy/Loli (pronounced Woe-wee) is coming!  I am going to hide in my hiding place!"  He then runs behind the sofa to hide.  Usually when Chad/Loli say "where is Will?", Will replies "I'm hiding in my hiding place!" or he will answer "no" when they guess where he might be. 

When we were in Seaside, there was an AWESOME toy store.  It was great.  Will loved it and loved to play with the cars.  They had a great collection that Will displayed on the floor for the other shoppers.  Will called the toy store the "toy story."  He has never seen Toy Story but I guess he has heard about it?  I just loved hearing "I want to go to the Toy Story!"

Will loves to tell you that he'll be right back. "I am going upstairs to get my boppies. I'll be right back." I assume I tell him I will be right back a lot as he tells me this all the time.

Will understands cold, hot and warm.  He really misses playing outside, and I guess he is used to me saying it is too hot to play outside.  Now he will say "Mommy, let's play outside.  It's warm." 

We love to take Will to the neighborhood pool.  It opens at 10am on Sat and 12p on Sun.  On Sundays, he would always think the pool should be open earlier, so we showed him a watch and explained to him what the watch would look like when the pool opened.  So now, whenever we see the pool or talk about the pool, Will says "Is the pool open?  I need to see your watch."

I also tell him that I miss him when I see him after not seeing him for a bit. When I woke him up from a nap the other day, his first words were "Mommy, I missed you!"

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