Monday, August 1, 2011

Katie's Baptism

We baptized Katie this past Sunday at our church - Highland Park United Methodist.  It was such a wonderful morning - my parents, my sister and brother-in-law, Chad's parents, grandmother, sister and our nephew all came to the service to see her be baptized.  Katie was the only baby being baptized which was extra special.  I am not sure I have ever attended a service where only one baby was baptized at our church - there are usually a bunch!  So, it was really special to have it all about her. 

When the pastor Jim Moore said a little prayer for her, he held her finger and during the prayer Katie decided to start chewing on it.  It was cute to watch.  When the pastor held her up to see everyone, she just smiled and glowed.  Such a sweet welcome to her church family.

Our family

The extended Kerr family!  Note, Kathleen is 8+ months pregnant here!  She looks fantastic!

with Great Grandma Jo

With Lovey and Granddad

with Ahma and Bapa

Katie and her cake!

She loved the icing!  I gave her the pink squiggles and she gobbled them up!

Will enjoying the cake

Guerin loved it!

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  1. I love Katie's dress!! And I can't believe she was the only baby on Sunday. How did that happen?? Your family photo is just wonderful! Will looks grown up. Congrats Katie!