Friday, September 2, 2011

7 months old!

 Katie is 7 months old today!  I forgot how much I loved the baby stages.  We are having so much fun with Katie - she is such a sweet and content little baby who loves to be held and bounced.

This month Kaite:

* enjoyed standing at the coffee table with help.  She can stand on her own while holding on for a few seconds.

* ate all sorts of things.  If you are eating around her, she wants what you have.  She has some of my shake every morning (strawberry or mango with yogurt, almonds, and bananas), she has tried a chick-fil-a nugget, nilla wafers, banana bread, and more.  She eats pureed baby food 2x a day and hasn't tried anything she didn't like.

* Sleeps from 8p-7a.  Takes 2 cat naps in the morning (about an hour each) and then naps for 2-3 hours in the afternoon.

* Loves her time at the park.  When Loli puts her in the stroller, she is ready to go.  If Loli waits too long, Katie lets her know it is time to go!

* Loves Maggie.  She loves to pet her and even enjoys just watching her.

* Can play in her exersaucer for up to 45 minutes and stays completely entertained!

* Played in the sandbox with Will

* Can go from sitting to her tummy

* Has no teeth, but the teething has begun!

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