Monday, May 23, 2011


 Today was a rainy day, so Will and Katie were home all day with Loli instead of spending the day at the park.  These days are a little harder because Will typically wants me to come play with them when I really should be working.  So, in order to keep him entertained, he and Loli did a lot of things in the kitchen.  They made watermelon juice (which is delicious!) and then made cookies.  Both were a huge hit.

Will made Star Wars cookies (yoda, darth and jengo fett) as well as W and K cookies.  He used cookie cutters and then he watched them bake.  Every time he would look at them in the oven he would yell "They're ready!" 

Once they were done, he really enjoyed decorating them with red icing and sprinkles.  He made his dad a red Darth Vader with dinosaur sprinkles that is waiting for him when he comes home!

Preparing a Darth Vader cookie for Dad

the Darth Vader treat for Dad

Taste Testing

Looking for the K cookie cutter for Katie

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