Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Katie is 3 months old!

 Katie is 3 months old!  Time is flying by way too quickly with her, but we are enjoying every minute.  She is still an awesome little baby who amazes us with her patience.  She didn't get that from me.  However, I think she did get her stubborness from me.  She goes to bed at 10pm, and she will not go to bed any earlier despite my many attempts!  I will keep trying though...hopefully one day she will give in!

This month Katie...

* slept most nights from 10p-10a and slept as late as 11a. 

* starting smiling more often

* melted our hearts with her coos

* started going to the park with Will since I have gone back to work.  She is a big hit with the other nannies.

* after a few days of fighting it, she now takes a bottle easily

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