Friday, May 6, 2011

Playing Outside

 We have been spending a lot of time outside these days in this glorious weather.  We almost always head outside after Will's nap, and luckily Katie seems to love the outdoors as well.  She typically just comes along for the ride.

Playing in the sandbox is always fun.  Will likes to give me a shovel or rake to dig holes, and then he fills up the dump truck using a bulldozer (he still loves trucks) and dumps the sand into the hole.  We also look for treasures.  Treasures to Will are the small rocks in the sand.  It is so fun to watch him get so excited about these simple things.

Today I showed him how he could bury his feet in the sand.  He thought this was just hilarious.  We both buried our feet multiple times.  Then we put our feet in the water table to get all the sand off...and then Will splashed like crazy.

I cannot wait until we go to the beach in July - he is going to have a blast!

Buried feet


Pure joy

Katie watching all the fun

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