Monday, May 23, 2011

Sentences and Random Stories

Will is talking in sentences.  I started noticing it more and more recently.  He said "I can't reach the balloon!" and "I am going to measure something" (he loves the measuring tape) and "I'll move my ladder closer".  For a while, he has said things like "I fix it", etc but his sentences now are different and more complex.  It is so adorable to hear these things come out of his mouth.

Will also likes to act like he is going to the store or to Home Depot.  At the store, he usually buys balloons and/or candy and he buys screwdrivers or hammers at Home Depot.  He usually runs in the other room and then runs back letting us know he is back from the store and what he bought.  Today he went to the store, and when he ran back I asked my usual question of what he got at ths store.  His response was "another Katie!"  I asked him if he wanted to have 2 Katies or 2 sisters, and he said "yes!"  So sweet.

Today he was walking around holding a strainer in the air and saying "I'm catching baby monarch butterflies!  I got one!"  It's not as crazy as it sounds since there is a Diego about monarch butterflies, but still.  I love watching him use his imagination.

We sing Happy Birthday a lot.  Everything and everyone has a birthday and everything and everyone is 2 years old.  Me, his blankies (boppies), Armando's hippo, Darth Vader.  We are all the same.  We all get an imaginery candle that he will blow out for you towards the end of the song.  He will then immediately select who we need to sing the song to next.

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  1. What an imagination! I'm impressed. Andrew has just recently started getting his pronouns right and I'm so excited. He still mixes them up sometimes, but he almost always uses "I" an "me" correctly.

    He likes to go to Mimi and Papa Jack's, but he wants to go out the real back door. "I need keys! Go Mimi and Papa Jack's!"

    They are at such a fun age. I love these boys!