Friday, May 13, 2011

Snails and Rolly Polly Bugs

 Of our blog readers, my mom will likely be the biggest fan of this post.  Will discovered snails and rolly polly bugs, and we spent lots of time looking for them.

We did find a few snails, and we would put them on a rock and then check on them throughout the day.  This snail got out of his shell while we were watching him!  I have never seen this happen before, but it was awesome.  He abandoned this house, so now the shell is outside and we get to see it all the time. 

The first time Will picked up a rolly polly bug, the poor rolly polly did not survive. He has gotten a lot better at being gentle, but it was hard to explain to him what had happened.  I told him if we squeeze them too hard they can no longer walk.  Since then, most of those he has held have survived. 

I love the excitement he exudes when he finds a bug.  I hope he always has so much joy for life!

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  1. Bugs! I'm so bad. I've completely steered Andrew away from bugs. I'm sure he'll be interested at some point, but I'm just not ready yet. :)