Wednesday, August 22, 2012

iPhone Pictures

Here are the latest images from my iPhone.  These are some of the spontaneous things that happen when I don't have my camera ready... luckily the iPhone does a decent job!

Kisses for her baby

Riding the shoe at Stride Rite - their treat for taking off the store's sample shoes

Outside looking in - I think this is ride #4

Riding in the Costco cart with cousin Andrew (who is 1 today!)

Reading before bed

In the pool with Marta and her grandson Mathias

Will on the "tallest bed in the whole wide world"

Prince in the Pea?

Sleeping in his Star Wars backpack

Trying on Katie's Halloween costume

Pumpkin Katie

Will in Katie's Octopus costume (too big this year, so maybe next year!)

Darth Will.  He loved this so much he slept it in!

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