Monday, August 27, 2012

Baby Katie

 I rarely put Katie in anything put pastels because she looks too grown up in bright and dark colors.  I just loved this cute dress and had to get it for her, and sure enough, she looks like a 2 year old (or more!) when she wears it.

Katie is busy being a little mama (as Chad calls her) these days.  She is always tending to her babies, pushing them in the stroller, using wipes on them, rocking them and taking them on car trips.  She just loves having her baby with her.  It makes my heart happy to see this - I was the exact same way when I was little and I was hoping she would like dolls. 

She is also keeping us laughing - she has quite a sense of humor and surprises us with her little tricks and jokes.  She is a joy to have in our family and I honestly have a hard time remembering what life was like with only Will!

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