Thursday, August 2, 2012

18 months old!

 Katie is 18 months old today!  While I can't believe she is already a year and a half, I can also hardly remember life without her. 

She is such a funny little girl with some hilarious facial expressions.  She can be dramatic sometimes and loves to sit on my lap and snuggle.  She adores Will and looks for him first thing when she wakes up.  She loves her dolls and pushes them around in the stroller everyday. 

She loves her sleep and her bedtime routine is probably all of ten minutes on a slow night.  She has the cutest smile and she says "Mommy" all the time. 

She loves to hold Will's hand when she is in her carseat in the car.  She likes to be held a lot in the mornings.  She has no desire to climb out of her crib (yet).  She plays on the playground like she is much older - climbing high and sliding down the tallest slides.  She loves Will's trucks and loves to push them while carrying a purse.  She loves all dogs and points them out, along with trucks and buses, all the time. 

She still has a little roll on one leg, but it is thinning out and almost gone!  :(  I will miss that.  Her hair is almost long enough for pig tails.  She has one molar in each quadrant right now.  She puts absolutely everything in her mouth.  She doesn't mind the taste of dog food. 

She has her daddy wrapped completely around her finger.

We are lucky to be her parents.  We are so in love with this baby girl!

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