Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011 - The Happiest New Year for Chad

This might be the best start to any year for Chad.  Will woke up and went to play in the fire truck room (his future room).  Chad and I are still emptying our items from his future closet (a New Years Eve activity), and there was a bin of Star Wars figures in his room.  Will found Jango Fett and was running around the house holding him saying "Star! Star!"  (That is what he calls Star Wars.)  He wanted to play with anything and everything Star Wars, so Chad got out his old school Star Wars characters to show him.  Will loves them and kept saying "I want more!"  He just can't get enough.

To add to Chad's pleasure, I asked him to buy some more Star Wars things for Will.  Chad seems to own a lot of the bad guys, and I would love for Will to have some good guys.  He asked me twice - "Did you really just ask me to buy some Star Wars characters?  Really?"

Chad is already in love with 2011.  We have an exciting year ahead as we add a new little one to the family.  Happy new year to all!

Playing with a lightsaber

Checking out dad's collection

Planning a trip for 2011

"I read"

At the park

he loves the sand box

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