Monday, January 3, 2011

21 Months Old!

Will is 21 months old and beginning his last month as an only child.  He is busy talking up a storm!  It was such a fun month with the Christmas holiday.  I think Will misses seeing Santas, Christmas tress, and eating candy canes.  He still talks about all three regularly.

This month Will...

* fell is love with fruit snacks, raisin bread and the store brand black cherry yogurt (which he calls "dad's yogurt").  By love, I mean he consumes massive quantities of these things... like 4-5 pieces of bread and 3 adult servings of yogurt.  He would eat an endless amount of fruit snacks if I didn't hide them somewhere new everyday. 

* loves Star Wars.  He said "I play Stars" yesterday and grabbed Chad's hand to go upstairs and play Star Wars with him. 

* loved looking at Christmas lights.  He would say "wow" appropriately when we saw a really good display.

* remembers who gave him what gift.  He will see his guitar and say "Chuck" and usually follow it up with "Airport Aunt Leen" which sounds more like "poor port unt een".  He knows Aunt Leen and Uncle Chuck go together as well as all the other couples in his life.

* goes to bed easily.  He now says good night "night night" to me downstairs and blows kisses while going upstairs with Chad to read and play before going to bed. 

* counts.  He has one-two down.  He can count higher with help, but currently only points out things where there are two of them.

* fell in love with Dora.  He really likes the only episode he has ever seen which is about a car race.

* says "I read", "I walk", "I sit", "I play", "I read", etc. 

* really enjoyed spending time with Lovey, Granddad, Ahma, Bapa, Great Grandma Jo, Great Grandpa John, Great Aunt Lori, and second cousin Jessica.  As expected, he was spoiled by all of them with trucks, hugs and lots of love.

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