Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Riding his bike - just like Jack!

We got Will a bike for Christmas but we actually gave it to him back in October.  We had gone to the park and another kid had a bike that Will just loved.  He probably sat on it for at least 10 minutes, and I knew then that we would get Will the exact same bike for Christmas.

I was so excited to get it for him!  We gave it to him early since we had a feeling he would be getting lots of other goodies for Christmas.  The bike came, and Chad assembled it before Will woke up one morning.  We were sooo excited to show it to Will...and well, he liked it ok.  He played with it for a minute or two before moving onto something else.  We got him a helmet as well, and that was definitely a huge hit.  He had to wear it around the house at all times for a few days.  The bike, however, was the not the hit we had imagined.   Sigh.

Until today.  Will rediscovered his love for the bike and has been riding it through the house "like Jack!"  (Jack Black rides a mini-bike in his formerly favorite TV show/episode - Yo Gabba "New Friends" with Jack Black.  I have easily seen that episode 50x.)  He is really proud of his skills and it is so cute to see how proud he is to be riding like Jack.

"riding" around the kitchen with Loli close by

Will's attempt at putting on his helmet

Getting back on

just like Jack!

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