Sunday, January 9, 2011


My mom suggested that I write down the words Will is saying these days, so here is my best shot at things I have heard him say unsolicited.

- please, thank you, gracias, hi, bye, good
- drink, milk, juice, lemonade, coke, water, aqua, coffee
- cup, straw, plate, fork, knife, spoon
- store, apple, applesauce, orange, grapes, cheese, cracker, salsa, chips, ketchup, bread, raisins, fruit snacks, toast
- santa, christmas tree, star, reindeer, candy cane, present
- pumpkin
- airport, plane, helicopter, fly, boat
- trike, car, truck, keys
- firetruck, garbage truck, trash, stink (thanks to the book "I stink"), dump truck
- wheels, honk, beep, horn
- hose, spray, ladder
- fall, wash (in relation to doing laundry), bath, splash, clap, play, need, climb, scoop, read, walk, run, go, sit, sleep, stay, push, pull, eat, cook (in reference to putting something in the microwave), open, close, shut, throw, wait (usually with an "I" in front of these).  Today he burped and said "I burp!"
- broom, mop, sweep
- bathroom vocabulary (including for the sake of documentation!) - wet, poop, pee pee, toot
- stairs
- one, two, three, four, five, six (in spanish as well) - This is somewhat solicited in that we are usually counting and he chimes in.
- more, again
- bed, crib, room, pillow, blankie ("bobbie"), chair
- toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, blowdryer
- outside, moon, star, snow, rain, cold, hot
- light, dark
- guitar, bag, tent, picture, card (in reference to the memory card for my camera), clock
- pool, park, bubbles, ball, bat, slide, swing, sand, cake, castle (all in relation to things he makes in the sandbox)
- eyes, nose, mouth, tongue, head, tummy, legs, arm, feet, hands, fingers, toes
- coat, shoes, socks, shirt, pants, hat, gloves
- duck, dog, cat, kitty, bunny, sheep, horse, cow, bird, whale, turtle, fish, bee
- baby, sister
- night night

So far, he three word sentences have been "I want more", "I push car", and "I play Star (Wars)".  One of my favorite two sentences together was "It's dark.  I need lights."

He doesn't say his colors without being asked what color something is, so I didn't include those for now.

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