Sunday, January 16, 2011

Daddy Climbs

 Ever since Chad put the Christmas decorations back in the attic, Will points to the attic and says "Daddy climbs".  Then last weekend Chad had to change some light bulbs that required he used a ladder - much to Will's delight.  Now we hear even more "Daddy climbs" and he even pretends to unscrew the light bulbs.  So tonight we got out the ladder to let him climb which he just loved.  He changed quite a few light bulbs in his mind - I love watching him pretend!

unscrewing the light bulb

moving the ladder to change another light bulb

there he goes!

little handyman

Will watching "the guys" (as he calls them) play guitar on TV

Trying to imitate "the guys" when they play the guitar behind their heads

Will trying to hide in the refrigerator - the door can almost shut with him in there!

coming out from hiding

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