Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Trash, Inc.

Our current morning ritual is for Will and I to watch the Today Show together while he drinks his milk while snuggled in my lap.  I love this time together.  This lasts about 10 or so minutes on any given day or until he gets bored of pointing out the things he knows - like "bike" or "baby" or whatever it is.  However, today there was a segment on Trash in America.  They had garbage trucks in the first part of the segment, and then huge trucks that smash the trash in the second part.  Will would point and yell "trucks!" and "trash!".  These are two of his favorite things after all!  When the segment was done, he was disappointed.  He handed me the remote and said "truck" so we rewound the segment and watched it again...and again....and again.  When I would wait to rewind it, he would hand me the remote again.  I don't know how many times we watched it, but I started to recite the reporter's monologue towards the end.  I may record the special tonight as this would clearly entertain him.

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  1. I think Will and Austin must have been separated at birth. Or maybe it's just boys.