Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall in the Park

It was a great fall day to be in the park, and Will took a decent fall in the park.  He was climbing on something and lost his footing, bumped his chin, and bit his lip.  It was a decent cut (his lip is still red today), there was blood and all, but Will cried for about 10 seconds before he saw another toy he wanted to play with and he was on his way.

We met our mom's group at the park, and it was the first time we have met at the park since probably May.  In May, the kids weren't walking/running with the kind of confidence they have today, so it was a whole new world.  The good news is the kids had a blast, the bad news is it is really hard to talk to other moms when the kids are running all over the park! 

Will loved the slide.  He has been climbing up and down slides more and more these past few weeks.  He now likes to slide down backwards on his tummy - I call it his spin move since he starts out in the normal position and then rolls over on the way down.

I also love his cute new shoes.  I was sad to think of him not wearing his brown sandals everyday, but I think he just looks adorable in his new Keds.  He does, however, look more like a toddler and less like a baby everyday.  Sigh.

 Little climber

Playing on the tunnel slide

He loves water fountains

Crying because there isn't any water...

Play time - check out his new shoes!

The slide series - getting ready to go

 Serious face

 On his way down

Starting his spin move

There he goes!

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  1. Oh bless his heart... I didn't know he did the same thing L did!?! Her lip is back to normal, so Will is hopefully on the mend, too.