Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rainy Day in the Kitchen Sink

This is the sad face of a little boy on a rainy day!  He really wanted to go outside.  I mean, he really wanted to go.  He spends so much time outside, I assume it is hard for him to understand that we can't go to the park when it is raining.  He doesn't seem to mind the rain... on the way to the car he ran over to the water table (which is now filled to the brim) and splashed the water everywhere.  I think he would have been content to play in the rain... but I couldn't do it.  So, instead, he settled for playing in the kitchen sink.
He filled up containers...
 ...and then emptied them.
 He seemed to enjoy it!

Apparently it was so fun, he wanted to get IN the sink.

 All this playing makes a kid thirsty.
 Filling up his game day bottle!  Go Horns!

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