Saturday, September 25, 2010

Feeding Maggie

One of Will's favorite things to do each morning is to feed Maggie.  This currently results in about half the food making it into her bowl, and the other half on the floor.  Once it is on the floor, Will loves to try to move all the pieces together using a dust tray.  I think this might be more fun than actually feeding Maggie.  He is always disappointed when Maggie tries to eat the food off the floor that he is trying to relocate.  He still loves her dearly and often asks for her first thing in the morning and after his nap.

Here comes Maggie - he isn't happy!

 trying to keep her from eating the food on the floor

 I think he gave up here and just petted her

 I love his tan skin with his light hair!  I am going to miss this summer look!

Putting the few pieces of food he saved from Maggie into a milk carton he found in the trash (he still loves trash!)

No more pictures!

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