Sunday, June 16, 2013

The High Dive

 Last night I took the kids to the pool by myself.  They totally love it and it is actually pretty easy to take them on my own.  However, Will's new addiction to the diving board has changed the dynamics a little, and now he spends his time either on the diving board or negotiating with Katie to go back to watch him on the diving board.  It all works out as there is a shower by the diving board area where Katie seems to love to play.  She is a trooper and was totally find spending most of her time playing in the shower.

Will working to lure Katie to the diving board area

We started on the low dive where Will now just runs the plank

Will's first time on the high dive.  He was incredibly happy!

Celebrating the new diving board accomplishment with push ups!

The video - I love that he is almost half the size of the diver off the other diving board.  He really has no fear!

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