Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Bikes

This past weekend the whole family got new bikes!  We initially went to get one for Will, but while we were there Katie was riding one around the store as well... so then I thought we should get her one and then  I should get one so I could ride with them and Chad thought he should too!  So far the bikes are a bit hit, as are the bells, baskets and helmets (or "hats" as Katie calls them). 

Katie isn't 100% sure about riding of hers.  Initially her seat was too high so it was hard for her to pedal.  For now, she is still enjoying her tricycle but she loves to talk about her bike and have me push her around the house.

These first two pictures of Will are from his first bike ride - within minutes of waking up Sunday morning, he was getting his helmet to go on his first ride.  Blankies ride in the basket.  He is super excited to ride his bike to the park with Loli this summer.  He rides his bike around the house - even from the living room to the bathroom and he has also been seen riding in the buff!

Some funny bike stories:

- Will likes to do "loop" turns (U-turns)

- At the store when we were looking at helmets, he asked why we need helmets.  I explained that the helmet would protect his head if he fell off his bike and his head hit the ground.  With his helmet on, Will knelt down on the ground and lightly banged his head against the ground a few times and then said "This one works!"

- I was explaining to Will that I used to have a road bike.  He told me that he has a sidewalk bike that he can ride on dry cement.


My new purple Electra Townie.  I'm in love.

Three of our four bikes all lined up at the bike shop

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