Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Katie is so snugly.  She wants to either be sitting on my lap, next to me, and if neither of these are happening, she will pat the seat next to her for me to sit down.  Yesterday she sat in my lap for an hour - drinking milk, coloring and brushing her teeth/eating toothpaste.  It is just the sweetest time I have with her and I soak it all in every day.

She loves to play "Mommy Baby" with her friend Sophia at the park.  When she sees Sophia coming, she starts saying "Mommy Baby Mommy Baby Mommy Baby!"  They only argue when they both want to be the Mommy.  We occasionally play it at home and I am always the baby.

I love the way she says "Wesh" when saying "Yes".  

Everyday when Chad comes home, Katie will run over to unlock the door and open it for him.  Every. Single. Day.  If he beats her to it, he has to go back outside and let her let him in.

Katie also asks to go to the pool every chance she gets.  This morning when I got her from her crib, her first words to me were "Pool?"  She is a little fish and loves to kick and swim under water.  We were watching a show about fish and she said "me!  under agua!"

Katie continues to have a great sense of humor.  She jokes and plays and has the most contagious giggle.  I am just so smitten with her!

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