Monday, June 17, 2013

iPhone Photos

 Here are some of the latest iPhone pictures.  The first is a picture Loli sent me of Katie and her friends Ellie and Sophia having some girl time at the park. I'm told their girl time often includes switching shoes.  When I downloaded the picture, I realized Will is hanging on the side of the photo.

At the library after swim lessons

 Loli loves to do Katie's hair!

Watching the baby ducks

BIG day at the zoo

Another afternoon with our painter

Pilot Will

Eating dinner in his fort

Grocery Shopping

Balancing his milk on his toe

Post swim cinnamon roll

BIG day at the Perot

Serious shake drinker

A favorite - Will wearing his horse costume (he was going to wear it to the farm a few weeks ago).  He grabbed the cupcakes and icing before I got downstairs...and this is how I found him!

Katie gives Will a massage

Will's homemade birdhouse

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