Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday at the Farm

My good friend Somer has a farm about an hour east of Dallas.  This morning the weather was perfect and we headed out for a visit!  We fed the goats and donkeys lots of bread and carrots and took a visit to her neighbors farm to visit the chickens, tractors and golf cart.

One of the highlights for Will was seeing his first daddy long leg!  We found quite a few, and he loved catching them in his net.  He also caught his first butterfly in his net as well.  I have a feeling he will be talking about his day on the farm for a long time to come!

Will's first daddy long leg!

He was missing a few of his long legs...

Catching the daddy long legs in his nets

On the run

Off to catch butterflies

 Katie playing kick and catch

Some goldfish in the hammock

Will patiently watches a butterfly before catching it!

The donkeys!

Will feeds Pearl a carrot

Katie feeds the goats

Climbing the gate

Katie playing on a tractor

Sibling tractor ride

Somer takes the kids for a spin

Will trying the life of a farmer

Daddy teaches Katie to drive!

Leaving the farm

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