Monday, June 3, 2013

Last Day of School

Will is officially done with his Beginners program!  His last day of school was on Wed, May 28.  We had a non-uniform gathering with his class - a Teddy Bear Picnic, ate doughnuts and played on the playground.

The end of school is bittersweet for us.  While I am thrilled for summer, sleeping in and some unstructured days ahead, we are truly going to miss the program at Will's school.  His teachers were absolutely amazing and have really helped Will grow tremendously this year.  I wish I had taken some pictures of his art work at the beginning of the year so I could compare it now, but now he cuts straight lines (often straighter than I can cut!) and draws people.  I love seeing him grow up but also long for him to stay young.  Age 4 seems to be such a sweet stage, as they all have been, and I just want to soak in as much of him as I can.  Seeing the world through his eyes always makes me laugh and smile.

His teachers made him this fun memory book from his beginner year.  Here are some of the pages:

He loves the ladies!

Love this.  He told me that he plays house at school and he is always the daddy.  I asked him what he does when he is the daddy, and he echoed his sentiment here - he is in charge of the trash.

Will loves this picture - He laughs that he forgot to give them feet and arms.

This is Will's favorite things collage from September.  I think it is safe to take the broccoli and the chocolate chip cookies off of the collage now!

Will's hand print butterfly

I love this starfish!

Will's sweet and amazing teachers.  Today he said "When can I go back to school?  I miss my teachers!"

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