Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Work Travels

 I had to go to Canada for work for the past few days and oh, how I missed these littles!  I have traveled 4 times in 4 months after traveling 2 times for work in 3 years!  It has been a bit crazy and hopefully it won't continue at this pace.  It is surprisingly hard to be away.

The one benefit is that I wind up spending a lot of time thinking about what I miss.  I missed Katie's snuggles, her smile, the way she snuggles in for her naps and for the night.  I missed how she reaches her hand up when she wants you to hold her hand, and I missed the time we have together most afternoons after her nap and before Will wakes up. 

I missed Will so much as well but I really enjoyed talking to him on the phone.  He had lots of good questions for me about where I was, how we were going to get to the restaurant for dinner and how I was going to get home from the airport.  I am thankful for Face Time as it was so fun to see him while we talked.  I missed our talks, our songs before bed, his negotiations, and his excitement for doing anything and everything.  I missed seeing him when he would come home from the park and tell me about his day. 

I loved seeing them today and seeing their big smiles and receiving some fantastic hugs.  It is good to be home!

Both kids love to clean!  I wonder if this will continue...

Katie, 15 months with Adele, 2 years old!  They are almost the same size!

Armando giving Katie kisses on her toes

Looking for the ducklings

Giving Katie a push

Sharing the inch worm with Armando

Monkey Bars!

They really are the best of friends...

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  1. Yay! So glad you're home! I know you missed them so much. This post is too sweet. And I LOVE Katie's little green outfit - she's such a cutie! :)