Friday, May 25, 2012

Sunday at the Park

We went to the park on Sunday evening.  It was late, but it always makes bed time a little easier if we can get the kids to run around for a bit.

So the 4 of us went to "Bee Park" for some swinging and climbing.  I brought my camera but when I went to take a picture, I noticed I left my memory card at home.  Since it was just the 4 of us, a grandpa and his grandson, and a young girl babysitting a one year old boy, I put my camera on a bench while we played.  I snapped one shot with my iPhone - this picture of Chad pushing the kids.

We left the park and when we pulled in the garage, I realized my camera was still on the park bench.  Will and I went back and the camera was gone.

I tried to explain to Will that this was a sad day for me.  It's hard to be sad with Will comforting you.  "Are you ok mommy?"  "It's ok.  We will go to the camera store tomorrow and get a new one."  "Maybe the person that took it needed to take pictures."

I have wanted a new camera, but I hadn't pulled the trigger.  My Canon 30D was great!  It worked so well - I had it for 6 years so I felt I knew exactly how it all worked.  I ordered the Canon 60D and ohmygoodness, I am in love.  A lot changes in camera technology in 6 years!  I am really enjoying it and my new 50mm/1.4 lens.  I'm still getting the hang of it - the colors in my pictures are much more vibrant now than they were before!  Here she is...  (I'm waiting for this new strap from etsy!)

Here are few shots from my first 2 days with the camera.  Note, none are of Will.  When I pull out my camera, he says "No pictures.  I am working."  No idea where he got that, but I hope it doesn't last long!

sometimes it is hard to see her eyelashes b/c they are so light.  i love this picture b/c you can really see them!

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