Wednesday, May 16, 2012


 Katie recently started playing Peek-a-Boo.  It might be the cutest thing she does right now.  Or it's at least up there with the way she says "mama" or how she raises her hand up when she wants you to hold her hand or the way she nods her head no when she doesn't want something...  but I digress.

She gets the biggest smile on her face when we play.  I love the simple pleasures of kids - it definitely puts things in perspective and makes me appreciate the smallest things in life.

Katie also loves to read.  After her nap, she usually sits and reads in her room.  She prefers books that have textured things ("that's not my fairy", etc.) or ones that you can flip the flap.  So far, most of these are still intact.  I'm not sure I'll be able to say that for long!

serious face

funny face

Reading her animal book from Ahma

all smiles

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