Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Home Depot

 Will and I created a new song called the "Home Depot Song".  It goes something like this:

I need a (hammer)
You need a (screwdriver)
Let's go to Home Depot

You substitute the items you need and recently we also substitute who needs them.  It's a never ending song, although I have personally run out of things I can think of that are sold at Home Depot (if that is humanly possible).

We will lay in his bed and look at the ceiling and he will sing:

I need a ceiling fan
You need a smoke detector
Let's go to Home Depot

Once we run out of things, he will say "What else do they have there?"  Or my new favorite question "What aisle is it on?"

I think he and I are actually going to go to Home Depot and just go up and down the aisles.  It might be a few hour endeavor, but I think he would just love it!

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