Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Pool is open!

 Memorial Weekend marks the opening of our neighborhood pool!  Will was so excited to this year as he now qualifies to go in the big pool!  You have to be potty trained and we used that as an incentive which seemed to work!  Chad and Will spent most of their time in the big pool with occassional visits to me and Katie at the water park. 

Katie really took to the water park area.  She wasn't as keen on going in the kiddie pool but I figure by the end of summer she may love that too.  For now, she was perfectly content to play with the water fountains.

At the water park

My ISO was too high here - but it kind of turned out cool!


waiting for the water fountain

so happy!

she loves to wear my sunglasses

I love this picture since she looks like a baby!

her feet are long and narrow!

Dinner at the pool!

On our way out, Katie stops to read the sign...

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