Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Will's Weekend with the Kerrs and Blanchards

This weekend, Chad and I went to Skaneateles, NY for an amazing wedding.  Chad's cousin Jessica got married in a little brown chapel by the lake and it was just perfect!  We had the best time there while Will was having the best time in Dallas with Lovey, Granddad, Aunt Leen and Uncle Chuck. 

They spent lots of time at the "Bee" Park (as Will affectionately calls it) as well as made visits to other parks, Tom Thumb (where they have the carts with the cars - a big hit!), Campisis, Central Market, and visits to see Kitty, Aunt Leen's cat.  They had a blast. 

Will and my parents picked us up at the airport, but the best part for me was when we got home and Will ran to me with a huge smile saying "mama mama" and wanted me to hold him.  It's moments like these that I will always treasure.

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