Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rain or Shine Wellies

This morning we were looking for Will's brown shoes before church.  When we found them, they were right next to his wellies.  When he saw the wellies, he said "boots" and had to put them on ASAP.  We then had to go outside and look for puddles, but it hadn't rained here.  He was pretty disappointed to find his favorite little water-collecting hole to be empty.

We eventually made it to church, and Will continued to cry though his time in the nursery.  This is his third time there, and I assume it will take a while longer until he gets used to being dropped off and picked up. 

So after lunch at Rusty Taco (where Will ate guacamole for lunch), we headed to the park.  The park is definitely Will's happy place...

Another family brought this car to the park... and Will had to sit it in for a while.  I am really thankful people are so friendly and willing to share.  I think he would have a meltdown if he didn't get to play with this car!

The same family had a picnic, and Will had to lay on their blanket. 

and then he remembered there was a whole playground behind him

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