Monday, October 4, 2010

18 Months Old!

Saturday Will turned 18 months old and he gets more and more fun everyday! This month Will...

* Weighs 25 lbs (45%)

* Is 33.5 inches tall (85%)

* Head is 49 (80 %)

* These are the same %s he had at his last appointment with the exception of his head - jumping from 73%-80%

* Says more words that I can count.  He repeats many words we say, including today's new word "doctor" when I told him we were going to his doctor's appointment

* Can spot an airplane, truck or bus before I do

* Loves going to the park, especially the "Bee" Park as he calls it due to a bumble bee he can ride.  He loves to slide and swing as well, particularly when there are bigger kids doing this as well

* Knows Aunt Leen and Uncle Chuck's street.  You don't even have to say anything and when we get close he starts saying "kitty" (he loves visiting their cat)

* Enjoys all food still, but favors guacamole and sloppy joes

* Gives (the best) hugs

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