Sunday, September 13, 2009

Will Rolled Over!

I have been debating about starting a blog for quite some time. I even reserved his URL before Will was born, but just never added anything to it. Now I just love reading my friend's blogs, so I decided it was time to blog about Will. Let the fun begin!

Yesterday Will rolled over! I put him on his tummy while I got him some milk, and I could hear him fussing and grunting. When I walked over to get him, he rolled over! He did it again later in the day, and I suspect it will be a new favorite hobby.

My sister Kathleen and I went shopping today and we bought Will quite a few things, including his new favorite book. This is the first book that Will hasnt tried to immediately put in his mouth - maybe due to size! I think he likes all the colors and also likes hearing his dad make all the noises of the animals, cars, etc featured on the very colorful pages.

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  1. Well a blog is a great way to chronicle your little one's big events. I started my blog for the grandparents and family and boy has it grown. Have fun with it!