Monday, September 3, 2012

Will's First Sleepover

Will had our neighbor Maddie over for his first sleepover this past Saturday night.  We all had a great time.  Maddie is almost 7 and she and Will play so well together.  Will just adores her.  We have been plotting a sleepover for a while, and we finally did it! 

Maddie came over had dinner and then all the kids took a bath together and had a blast.  Will and Maddie then watched a show on my iPad as a treat before bed.  Then, the fun began.  I loved listening to them on the monitor.  Maddie didn't know I was watching them on the monitor, and when I came in the room to "check on them" she was surprised that I knew all that had gone on!  They had been playing with Will's Star Wars characters and when I mentioned something about it she asked "how did you know that was what we were doing?"  I didn't reveal my secret.

They never came out of Will's room but instead talked and played until about 10pm and then Will woke up around 7am as usual.  I was so pleased they slept all night!  We celebrated the success with a morning trip to Krispy Kreme and to the park.  I have a feeling we will be having a lot of sleepovers!  They are really fun for everyone.  I think Katie loves having a big sister around and Will loves having someone in his bed.

Speaking of, Will is now officially sleeping under his covers!  Thank you Maddie!  He had resisted for this long, but when he realized that was how Maddie sleeps and that it was the best way for he and Maddie to sleep in his bed together, he was sold!
bedtime milk

Mighty Machines before bed

Video recorded from my monitor of Will and Maddie singing Twinkle Twinkle - it is really hard to hear for some reason.  Will then tells Maddie about a scratch on his nose before she tells him it is time to go to sleep!

Sunday morning at the park

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