Monday, September 10, 2012

Why I love Bruce Springsteen

 Chad loves Bruce Springsteen, and he was so bummed when The Boss decided not to do a show in Dallas this year.  He wanted to travel for a show, and that is when we decided to go to Chicago.  It was perfect!  I could hang out with my one best friends, Demi, and meet her daughter, 9m old Elise, while Chad and Demi's husband Jeff went to the concert. 

So we headed out on Thursday and had a really uneventful flight.  Will and Katie enjoyed the process of getting there - plane, airport, cab - and then loved arriving at Demi's house... that just so happens to 2 parks super close to her house.

It was so fun to spend time with Demi and meet Elise!  She is such a cute baby and I have loved looking at her pictures, and I have to say she is even cuter in person... if that is possible. 

When we arrived we went to one of the parks where there was the largest sandbox I have ever seen!  There were lots of kids out playing in the gorgeous 75 degree weather.  It was great!

Friday, Will took Chad to the Science and Industry Museum while Demi, Elise, Katie and I went shopping and then to an open play place that Katie really enjoyed.  Why don't we have these in Dallas???

Saturday, Jeff took Will to a metal scrap yard (there is probably a better name for this).  It was really awesome - I actually enjoyed it just as much as the boys!  We then got together with Liz, Brian and Dylan for a trip to the zoo and some street tee-ball. 

It was a fabulous trip and I think we will definitely be taking the kids back again soon!  There are so many things to do and for me, it is just so great to spend time with my college girls!

sweet Elise

Huge sandbox


On the see saw

Will and the U-Boat (guest photographer Chad Forsberg)

At Open Play - she loved this little house

In the rice box

Love the zoo!  Check out this view!  What a great place - easily could have spent more time here!

Katie and Liz

Will, Katie, Elise and Dylan.  Will was not interested in taking a picture.

Climbing Trees (guest photographer Chad Forsberg)

Hat on.  Ready to see machines crushing metal.

Boy Bliss.

Jeff and Will peeking through the barriers

Check out this magnet

Souvenir from the metal scrap yard

Dumping the bin

Dylan, tee ball super star

Brian coaching Will

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